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Under the Wide and Starry Sky by Nancy Horan

Recommendation: 4/5

The passionate and turbulent story of Robert Louis Stevenson and his tempestuous American wife, Fanny.

Beautiful love story

A tempestuous love affair begins with two unlikely people. Meeting in rural France after a tragic event, leaving her scoundrel husband in California, Fanny van de Grift Osbourne seeks a new life with her children. Family pressures cause Robert Louis Stevenson to escape his life leading him to France.

Stevenson is taken by Fanny from the start. Fanny isn’t smitten with the much younger gentleman but time and his irresistible charm as well as his glowing persona capture her heart.

The passionate, adventurous couple isn’t immune to hardships, sorrow, success and happiness as we learn in this absolutely wonderful novel spanning decades and the world. True love conquers all as Stevenson and Fanny demonstrate.

Horan creates a masterful love story. Two people dealing with extenuating and unheard of challenges. Both leaving themselves vulnerable to love one another depicted in such a emotionally powerful way. Stunning story. Well researched historical fiction.

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