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Season of the Dragonflies by Sarah Creech


Recommendation: 3/5

Season of the Dragonflies is the story of the Lenore women, Willow, the mother, and her two daughters, Mya and Lucia. They are heirs to a continuing legacy of a very special perfume; one which fully amplifies any talents that the wearer may already possess. The Lenores live in the Blue Ridge Mountains, cultivating the magical flower that is at the essence of their very special scent. However, when the flowers begin to lose their power for the first time ever, the Lenore women are faced with a crisis that may be the end of their idyllic world.

I found the plot shrewd and imaginative. I really enjoyed the perfume empire premise and the fact both business and female protagonists were supportive of females in positive ways. The magical perfume and intuition as well as sorceress gifts was dubious but entertaining, added a uniqueness to the entire story. The decision on who would take over from Willow was another piece of the narrative keeping the reader on their toes. Somewhat predictable with enticing elements. With the sensuous descriptions of flowers I wish my eReader was capable of scratch and sniff, instead I relied upon my creative imagination.

Willow, Mya and Lucia were well done. All three very different women, however, all three equally strong and independent. Interesting to learn of each individual woman’s personality and goals. As the story progressed so did the characters, their evolvement was well done. The Lenore’s had a strange relationship, somewhat aloof and unemotional almost detached. Despite their questionable closeness there was a bond as only family permits. Separate yet united best describes their pull to each other. Willow’s early onset Alzheimer’s was delicately introduced and incorporated well into the plot without being suffocating. Mya’s questionable business tactics and approach towards family added a spark to the storyline and livened up the interaction with characters. Lucia’s uncertainty and estrangement was another plus.

Creech has a sold, straightforward writing style. She is definitely bold and artistic to lean towards such an interesting and original narrative. I am curious to read future writings. A great debut with a memorable plot and intriguing protagonists.

A good read with magical elements which create a far fetched outline although entertaining.

William Morrow August 12, 2014
336 Pages
ISBN13: 9780062307521
A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review

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