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Unlacing Lady Thea by Louise Allen


Recommendation: 2/5

The night before dissolute Lord Denham is about to embark on his grand tour, he meets an unexpected complication. In boy’s clothes that barely conceal her delectable curves, his childhood friend Lady Althea Curtiss—desperate to escape an arranged marriage—arrives, demanding free passage.

‘You think I am a trifle old for the grand tour? I disagree. At twenty-eight I will appreciate things more.’ The cat sneered, lifted one hind leg and began to groom itself intimately.
‘Stop that. A gentleman does not wash his balls in the study.’

My first M & B, and not my last. No doubt this could become a guilty pleasure. Allen provides a narrative possessing a fun fast pace. She manages to hold the readers attention providing entertaining characters struggling with just enough sexual tension leaving a soft sensuality lingering as you turn pages.

Rhys and Thea with their quips, failings and strengths capture your attention as you hope their attraction materializes as the build up increases.

Rhys was appealing, at times repulsive. He took notice of Thea on occasion, other times he was slow to catch on forgetting she’s a grown woman and not the adolescent of his past.

Rhys suffered a broken heart leaving him cyclical towards love, whereas Thea wholeheartedly believed in love despite her heartbreak. The slow pace these two took regarding romance was sentimental as well as plausible. Becoming reacquainted as their adult selves added depth. Attraction was the catalyst launching their union forming a undeniable love and tenderness towards one another.

Allen created a romance narrative filled with humor, sensuality and plenty of history scattered throughout. Delightful, fast paced read you will enjoy. I devoured this on flight from SF to LA without my focus interrupted. Sweet sexy story.

Published March 18th 2014 by Harlequin
288 Pages
ISBN13: 9780373297825

A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review

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