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Long Man by Amy Greene


Long Man
Amy Greene

The story of three days in the summer of 1936, as a government-built dam is about to flood an Appalachian town-and a little girl goes missing.

Whoa, what an incredible story. Full of suspense,passion this was a page turner for me. Long Man is well constructed, every facet worked, Greene authored one wonderful story.

There is much to appreciate in Long Man, leaving much praise to sing….

Greene carries the reader to the hard pressed 1930’s, as we know the 30’s was a tough time in history. She takes us very vividly to Yuneetah,Tennessee a small struggling town days away from being obliterated thanks to the Tennessee Valley Authority. Greene makes a point of describing the towns inhabitants, their history and the unmistakable closeness the community shared. She does a wonderful job describing the environment as well as the backbreaking and often difficult trials of farming. As you read the story without a doubt you feel as if you are roaming Tennessee.

Every character created by Greene had a vital place in the narrative. The characters all shared a connection of some sort and their backstories were fascinating. Annie Clyde Dodson is a woman of principle. She is defiant and determined. A woman of strength, fiercely independent. The reader can’t help being taken by this intimidating female. The town black sheep Amos, a self proclaimed liar, abandoned as a child, he has his share of inner demons. He is often judged and feared based on his idiosyncrasies and rough appearance. When there’s trouble and if Amos is in town, all fingers point in his direction. Misunderstood and aloof best describes Amos. There are other secondary characters serving the narrative and its protagonists. Greene did a stellar job on characterization, could not have been improved upon.


The Tennessee Valley Authority enabled a fresh start for some. For others it was a knife serrating long established family roots, ripping away land worked and owned by generations in a family. For some being forced to leave your land/home wasn’t well received, Annie Clyde Dodson is an example. Greene gave the reader a glimpse into the two sides of TVA.


Long Man is compelling, riveting. It is a story enveloping forced change, change, love, loyalty and family. It really breaks down what’s important in life and your priorities.

Long Man hit all the bases for a great story. Greene possess a idyllic writing style, undoubtedly masters characterization with intricate details adding interest and of course a fantastic narrative. She doesn’t waste words, every word, sentence has a place, no doubt rich in context. I love the multiple themes running in this story. A marvelous story all the way around.

This is a book worth adding to your shelf.

Recommendation:  4/5


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