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Sinful Folk by Ned Hayes

Sinful Folkimage
Ned Hayes

In December of the year 1377, five children were burned to death in a suspicious house fire. A small band of villagers traveled 200 miles across England in midwinter to demand justice for their children’s deaths.

“The wheel of Fortune turns one way and another, taking us to the heights or the depths. That is the great wheel on which we all turn, tied to destinies that move up or down at the whim of God above.”

This is a very interesting novel, perfect blend of historical events mingled with the correct measure of fiction. The harshness of the time period was well demonstrated by Hayes. No secret the Middle Ages was a brutal time on multiple levels to confront. With such vivid descriptions you’ll find your stomach experiencing the pangs of hunger from near starvation, you feel the bitter cold grasping and gnawing at your bones, warding off the grim reaper a daily challenge. The horrific hardships faced by the group as they travel undoubtedly leaves the reader exhausted as you feel their detainments, dark secrets exposed and ongoing dangers. Hayes created such a lucid setting the reader feels immersed in the period and fate of characters particularly that of Mear. A wonderful historical mystery thriller with compelling characters, fascinating narrative along with rich and vivid surroundings. Medieval fans should like this, plus the addition of mystery, thriller provides further enjoyment. Anxious to see what Hayes produces next, an author to keep tabs on, talent abound.

“We are but a tattered remnant, a small and bastard race who linger on the shoulders of that giant race, a memory that is always our better. We look backward always, scratching in the ruins, reclaiming scraps from their vast and long-abandoned table of knowledge. For we are misshapen offspring, stunted in our ways and our minds, reaching blindly after the treasures of knowledge lost to time.”

▪︎Published January 22nd 2014 by Campanile Books
▪︎Pages 400
ISBN13: 9780985239305
A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review

Recommendation: 4/5

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