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BOOK TOUR: I Looked for the One My Heart Loves by Dominique Marny w/ GIVEAWAY

I Looked For The One - coverI Looked for
The One My Heart Loves


Release date: August 12, 2014
at Open Road Integrated Media / Publishers Square

384 pages

ISBN: 978-1-4804-6116-1


Anne and Alexis are separated by war as children and reunited later by destiny. A powerful and dramatic love story that spans decades in spite of its seeming impossibility.

Anne, 9, and Alexis, 11, grow up together in the Montmartre area of Paris. While she has a major crush on him, he merely sees her as his friend’s little sister. After WWII begins, the two are separated as their families flee Paris to avoid the German occupation. When they say goodbye, Alexis promises to always protect Anne.

Anne holds on to this promise for years as she constantly thinks of Alexis, wondering where he may be. Anne grows up, finds works in an art gallery, and marries a kind, devoted man with whom she has two children. But her heart still belongs to Alexis and she never stops looking for him. Their paths cross fatefully one day in Brussels many years after they were separated.

Alexis, living in Canada and soon to be moving to San Francisco, has a family of his own; a wife in constant depression and a son. Despite their responsibilities to family and the geographical distance that keeps them apart, Anne and Alexis find a way to love one another, secretly yet passionately.

But after all this time, will they ever manage to be truly together, completely? [provided by the publisher]

For those following my reviews it’s no secret I prefer my love story full of passion, complications and tragedy. I was NOT disappointed with Marny and her incredibly moving love story.

The rich descriptions of Paris and surrounding cities and countryside were lush. I felt as if I was in France. When an author crafts a strong setting, transporting the reader to time and place, truly adds to the reading experience. Marny explored the annihilation war causes physically, emotionally and mentally along with environmental ruin. Many historical references peppered the narrative once again complimenting storyline and characters.

The plot was low on predicability, high with twists and turns, not to mention filled with anguish, passion, joy and sorrow, a mark of a quality solid love story. As a whole, the entire story felt more nonfiction than fiction thanks to impeccable detail and dense writing on the authors part.

Characterization was superb. Marny allowed the reader an up close and intimate sketch of the three main characters. You felt the emotional toll, anguish and elation. An intricate set of characters involved in an equally intricate situation. Anne, stoic, grace under pressure. A woman loving with everything, a woman torn between her familial obligations. A woman of few words, her emotions and actions consequential. Alexis is a mystery. We learn the basics but lack his full on emotional rawness. We learn more of him through Anne. He’s a man torn, trapped and frustrated. Francoise is a man quick to flee. He fails to ferret the obvious issues with Anne and it’s revealed he is all flight and no fight. Of all the marvelous protagonists I felt a warmth and connection to Anne. Her reactions were fitting to such a precise plot. Her anguish, torment and loyalty is affecting. You understand her predicament without question, you grapple along with her as she decides her fate.

The fact this story stemmed from childhood to adulthood keeps your attention, enough tension and curiosity drives the reader to turn the next page in anticipation of what’s to follow. A wonderful story of true love. I’d love a follow up on Anne and other significant characters brought to our attention. Mixing war and love, you know it will contain plenty of drama, tears and hardship leaving the reader to guess the ending. Highly recommend this memorable story of young love that never ended.

Recommendation: 4/5

ABOUT THE AUTHORI Looked For The One - Marny

Dominique Marny was raised in a family that loves art, literature, adventure and travels.
In addition to being a novelist, she is a playwright, screenwriter, and writes for various magazines.

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