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BOOK TOUR: The Church of Tango: A Memoir by Cherie Magnus w/GIVEAWAY

Church of Tango coverThe Church of Tango: A Memoir
[memoir / travel, with some elements of romance]

Release date: January 2012
at Mirasol Press

306 pages
ISBN: 978- 0615573540

Author’s website | Goodreads
More than a metaphor and much more than a dance, the Tango takes Cherie from being a widow with suicidal tendencies to traveling the world in search of herself, finding love, sorrow and serenity. Her quest takes her to France where she falls in love with aristocratic Olivier, and to Argentina where she falls in love with the tango. Along the way she discovers and deals with her own two separate breast cancers and the loss of all that she’d previously valued. Relationships in the desperate singles world is a whole new dance to learn, before being blessed at the Church of Tango.

The Church of Tango captivates readers struggling with tragic loss, illness, and death, as well as those who are passionate about travel and adventure, who long for love, or who delight in dance of all kinds.

Gold Medal winner 2013 of the Wishing Shelf Book Award [provided by the author]

My Thoughts
Everyone has a ‘story’ and I enjoy hearing people share their individual story’s/history’s with the utmost of respect, without judgement. Cherie possesses courage along with fearlessness. Facing numerous heavy trials, this woman fails to lose steam. She was open and honest revealing her history, her emotions. Demonstrating an abundance of strength, the reader breaths a sigh of relieve when she revisits her love of the tango. The tango serves as the anchor grounding and providing emotional, mental and spiritual sustenance for this battle weary, starved woman, seeking an outlet to save her from never ending heavy hitting blows.

It is clear through Cherie’s voice she is a patron of the arts, but her passion for the tango seeps through the pages. I could actually see her dance across the floor inspiring me to follow in her footsteps and dance shoes. I envied her pursuit of the ultimate tango experience, however this wasn’t without its series of blows.

A very inspiring story of a woman navigating her way through loss, her own health crisis, poor choices in men – never less than with determination, independence and utter drive.

Her love of the tango was intoxicating, leaving me with the hope of mastering this passionate and sensual dance.

Thank you Cherie for sharing your story in such a blunt and raw manner. Your boldness and decisiveness is nothing but inspiring. Your spirit stays with the reader long after the memoir ends and the last dance called.

ABOUT THE AUTHORChurch of Tango - Cherie Magnus

Cherie Magnus, a California native, lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for 12 years.
She was a dance research librarian in the Los Angeles Central Library
and a dance critic for local newspapers before moving to France, Mexico, and finally to Argentina in 2003.
Many of her articles on dance, books, travel and international culture have been published in magazines,
professional journals, and several anthologies.
She has written a blog on expat life, Buenos Aires culture, and tango since 2006.
Currently she is preparing a prequel, Arabesque: Dancing on the Edge in Los Angeles, to be published in 2014.

Visit her website. Follow her on Facebook, and Twitter

Buy the book: Amazon (paperback) | Amazon (kindle) | Smashwords


This giveaway is open internationally. We will have 3 winners: the book as epub or mobi/kindle. Click Here To Enter The Giveaway.Thanks so much to France Book Tours for organizing this great tour. Don’t forget to visit the other stops on this tour. Click Here to view the full tour schedule and see the list of participating blogs.
ONE entry per person please.

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  1. wow, thanks so very much for this awesome review. You manage so well to convey your appreciation of this book, now I regret not having had time to read and review it myself! Glad you enjoyed it so much

  2. Thank you for expressing so well what my story is about. I am very glad you enjoyed traveling along with me on my journey of survival and “triumph.”

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