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The Chrysalis: A Novel by Bindu Adai


Adai brings us an endearing young woman on the cusp of self discovery as her character Sarai desperately seeks a balance between culture and traditional expectations of her family and her own western modern desires. One pivotal moment forever changes Sarai’s plans as she claws trying to regain her balance and life.

Sarai is an intelligent, beautiful young girl feeling the pressure of her traditional Indian family urging her to marry. Adai paints a clear picture of the demands Indian families place upon their daughters regarding marriage, arranged marriage preferred method over western love marriage. We read of Sarai’s struggles, hope and dreams as she searches for love while trying to maintain her roots and please her family. As the story continues we experience Sarai’s growth from a 22 year old girl into a 30 year old woman finally knowing what she wants after many bumps and bruises, answered and unanswered questions.

Adai does a wonderful job with characterization. Sarai is very well developed, most women reading this story will be able to relate to Sarai’s many struggles including figuring out who she is and what she really wants for herself minus her parents strong hold. Filled with fantasies she finds herself disappointed and fails to recognize life doesn’t always workout the way you plan, plans change. Her open mindedness and desire to please her parents leads her to her mother country of India falling deep into customs and traditions, amassing to an education for this girl hoping to be a bride.

Indian culture and traditions are presented leaving a layperson with a strong understanding of societal and parental expectations of a tradition family. Western ways are not easily sold and a fissure between traditional and modern deepens.

A delightful story of a young girl coming into her own, while attempting to please her traditional Indian family as she sets out on a quest for love and love of herself.  A story of empowerment as Sarai discovers her authentic self. A story of bending with life proving you won’t break.

Kindle Edition, 321 pages
Published January 26th 2013 by CDS Publishing

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  1. Looks like an interesting book. I haven’t really read any books about Indian culture!

  2. Thanks for the review. This sounds like a great read!


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