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Rodin’s Lover by Heather Webb *Giveaway*

Author Heather Webb

on Tour
January 19-28

Rodin's Lover cover

Rodin’s Lover

Release date: January 27, 2015
at Plume/Penguin
320 pages
ISBN: 9780142181751


Webb’s illustration of the complicated and abundantly talented artist Camille Claudel focuses on her tumultuous and licentious affair with Auguste Rodin, a man penetrating her heart yet elusive for her to possess.

Exceptionally researched, Webb highlights the art world in all its glory and harshness. The politics, power and societal propriety seizing artists and their creativity creating a fissure of misunderstanding. A world full of sexism and misogyny as female artists struggle to penetrate a male dominated world, an improper vocation fitting a woman.

Webb provides snippets of Claudel, more could have been offered besides her love of Rodin and their forbidden dalliance. Rodin comes across as weak, a man hopelessly in love with his artistic equal but bound by obligation and duty preventing a full fledged commitment with Claudel.

Despite their runaway attraction, the narrative fails to convey their deep rooted connection, it feels flat, lack of spark. Their mutual appetite for sculpting is also tempered. Two obsessive creatures in both art and love are not expressed as they could be in the narrative, rather a quiet storm leaving the reader anticipating and wanting more declared.

I was hoping Claudel’s slow descent into ‘madness’ was examined more. What drove her to ‘madness’ or was she a victim shut away for convenience sake of her ‘family’ as a maverick, an intelligent independent woman craving more or was art the culprit – much delving left wide open in this area.

An entertaining read, it’s a romance narrative rather than an in depth probe into the woman Camille Claudel. A woman worthy of notice and artistic praise as her life is often questioned in its shroud of mystery and unanswered questions. I was expecting Webb to take a different avenue with Claudel, despite my frustration this is a worthwhile read, if anything the reader will want to discover more of Camille Claudel on their own of her life, art, and tragic circumstances.


A mesmerizing tale of art and passion in Belle Époque France

As a woman, aspiring sculptor Camille Claudel has plenty of critics, especially her ultra-traditional mother. But when Auguste Rodin makes Camille his apprentice—and his muse—their passion inspires groundbreaking works. Yet, Camille’s success is overshadowed by her lover’s rising star, and her obsessions cross the line into madness.

Rodin’s Lover brings to life the volatile love affair between one of the era’s greatest artists and a woman entwined in a tragic dilemma she cannot escape. [provided by the author]



Rodin's Lover- Heather WebbHeather Webb is the author of historical novels BECOMING JOSEPHINE
and RODIN’S LOVER published by Plume/Penguin,
a freelance editor, and blogger.
You may also find her contributing to award-winning writing sites
including WriterUnboxed and RomanceUniversity.org.
When not writing,
Heather flexes her foodie skills
and looks for excuses to head to the other side of the world.

Visit her website and her blog. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter

Subscribe to her newsletter.

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  1. carol L

     /  January 20, 2015

    I can’t wait to read this book. Sounds filled with intense emotion without Claudel’s problems. Congrats on the release of what I think will be a great read.Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed Maadam Tssaud’s book.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  2. thanks for highlighting what you saw as the strengths and weaknesses of the book. I’m currently enjoying it a lot, we’ll see how it goes for me. Thw world of the arts is indeed so well described

    • A wonderful book, Webb selected a intricate woman. Well done, highly recommend. As I said this book will drive the reader to unearth more of Camille Claudel.

  3. drchazan

     /  January 20, 2015

    I don’t need the book, I already have it and loved it! Here’s my review http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/the-cast-and-curse-of-genius/

    • Excellent review. You know the saying – no two people read a book the same way. I encourage people to read this book and reach their own conclusion. I enjoyed the book very much, there were certain areas I felt needed more emphasis. However I know quite a bit about Claudel, this knowledge set my expectations higher than the average reader. No doubt this book, subject and author will impress a large audience. Thank you so much for commenting and visiting. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book, appreciate you sharing your review.

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