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The House on Sunset by Sarafina Bianco


Sarafina tells her story of domestic violence in a clear and unguarded fashion. We learn of her budding romance filled with hope and promise as her boyfriend’s brutal and abusive core is slowly revealed. With her honesty she tells readers of the signs of abuse, the endless pattern of reconciliation, his unhealthy dominance and control, mental, verbal and emotional torment, and lastly the cruel beatings.

I read Sarafina’s story in small bites, and even that was challenging. The mistreatment she endures turns your stomach, as difficult as this story is to wade through, it is a story all should read and pay close attention. Sarafina’s story ends but the aftermath of her ordeal lingers long after the blood is washed away, the bruises and lacerations healed. A journey appearing endless.

I recognize Sarafina’s courage, bravery and strength to share her story in all its unreserved honesty. We read of her struggles to understand her survival of abuse, her mourning of the young woman she was to accepting the woman her ordeal as left her. Her resilience and determination help her heal and move forward albeit slowly but she survives. Revealing your story of abuse is never easy, without the Sarafina’s of the world abuse will remain a dark secret of shame and never receive the notoriety to end the brutality it warrants. A painful memorable memoir, with an important message.

National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799 (SAFE) 7233

Kindle Edition, 139 pages
Published September 22nd 2014

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