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The Keys of the Watchmen by Kathleen C. Perrin w/ Giveaway

Author Kathleen C. Perrin

on Tour
March 9 – 18

The Keys of the Watchmen

The Keys of the Watchmen

Release date: Nov 28, 2014
at Langon House/CreateSpace

394 pages

ISBN: 978-0692342855

I absolutely adored this book, a gem offering more than I bargained for. Where do I begin to list the merits of the author and her vision.

From the first sentence you’ll find yourself swept away, caught in the mystique unable to put the book down.

Perrin provides descriptive writing furthering the intrigue of the narrative and its historical focal point. If you’re unfamiliar with Mont Saint Michel you won’t be after reading this book, I’m sure you’ll want to voyage to this landmark island in the very near future or revisit if you’ve been before.

Perrin’s ability to provide an in depth history lesson in painstaking detail without the reader feeling as if they are in a classroom or lecture environment is quite impressive. Comprehensive, well presented, minutely researched. You will know all there is to know regarding Mont Saint Michel, for those already knowledgable you’ll appreciate the historical references even more.

I’m not a huge fan of time travel, I feel it’s overdone, often poorly executed but Perrin manages to weave time travel with ease, so well done. The disparity between the 15th  and 21st century was comedic and enjoyable – not overdone and well paced, extremely clever too. A wonderful example of how time travel works without the monotony along with the heaviness of alternating centuries. Truly the merging of past and present at its finest.

The faith references peppered throughout the book are provoking and dimensional. Good and evil displayed, our main protagonist possessing a spiritual connection enhancing her role.

Katie starts off questionable, as the story unravels she blossoms by stepping up to the plate. Her actions admirable, her strength combined with her courage surprises you earning your respect. Nicolas evolves and becomes endearing, Jean a man with compassion, memorable as his painful past is shared.

Perrin undoubtedly creates a very enjoyable read full of suspense all ages will appreciate. The information regarding Mont Saint Michel is outstanding. Fans of historical suspense set in Medieval France will relish Perrin’s amazing debut work. I cannot wait for the sequel.



Katelyn Michaels plans on hating every moment of her visit to Mont Saint Michel with her father’s new French wife. Once there, she is confused when she experiences sensations of déjà vu as she and her younger brother explore the medieval village and abbey. She is even more disturbed when she is confronted by two unusual young men, one who insists she has a sacred mission, and the other who will stop at nothing, even murder, to stop her from fulfilling her destiny.

When the oddly-dressed but alluring Nicolas slips Katelyn a strange medallion, she is whisked back through time where her Watchmen hosts tell her she is the only hope to save Mont Saint Michel. Even worse, she learns that those trying to destroy the mount are led by a fallen angel intent on learning the mount’s closely-guarded secret.

Katelyn is torn by feelings of anger at being taken back in time, inadequacy at finding a modern solution for a medieval problem, and responsibility for the mount’s starving inhabitants. She is also perturbed by her surprising attraction to the ill-tempered Nicolas. Will she stay to learn why she was chosen by the Archangel Michael and find a way to save his mount?



The Keys of the Watchmen - Kathleen C. PerrinKathleen C. Perrin holds Bachelorís degrees
from Brigham Young University in French and Humanities,
and graduated summa cum laude.
She is a certified French-to-English translator.
While completing her education, Kathleen met and married a dashing young Frenchman.
They have spent years investigating the mysteries and beauties of his native country,
and have a cottage in Brittany.
For a ten-year period
they took tourists to Mont Saint Michel,
where she served as tour guide.
Kathleen has lived in Utah, New York City, France, and for eight years in French Polynesia.
She has worked professionally as a language and music teacher, translator, interpreter and writer.
She has published several non-fiction articles,
academic papers, and a religious history about Tahiti.
Traveling and learning about new countries and cultures is a passion for Kathleen,
but her latest passion is sharing France through her fiction.
The Perrins have three children, and currently reside in Utah.

Visit her website. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter

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  1. carol L

     /  March 15, 2015

    I’m looking forwarrd to reading The Keeys of The Watchmen. It sounds like an intense, emotiona and intriguing story. I’ve always enjoyed time travel stories. Thanks for the post.
    Carol L
    LUCKY4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  2. anne

     /  March 15, 2015

    A captivating and suspense filled historical which I enjoyed greatly was The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton. Intriguing and wonderful.

  3. thanks for your awesome review. This book is really incredible

  4. I’m so glad you liked THE KEYS OF THE WATCHMEN. Thank you for your detailed and thoughtful review, and yes I think it is a story that crosses over several genres. It is not just a YA novel! I’m working hard on BOOK II and will get it out as quickly as possible!

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