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Guest Post: Tess Woods, author of Love at First Flight

Unshelfish extends a warm welcome to Tess Woods, author of Love at First Flight


Guest Post

Tess Woods – tips for bloggers for interviewing authors


Authors love bloggers. We really, really do! Bloggers give us much needed exposure by bringing our names and our books to the attention of all their followers. With every new book release, many of us authors promote it with a blog tour and it often involves author interviews. And that can mean lots and lots and LOTS of interviews! So what do we like to be asked and what gets us all fired up (not in a good way)? Here’s a list of Do’s and Don’ts some of my author mates from HarperCollins and I have come up with.


  • Give us a choice of questions to choose from so if we really don’t feel like answering something we don’t feel pressured to. Saying “choose any five or choose any ten questions” and providing roughly double the amount of questions you want answered will make us happy – we’ll choose the fifty percent of questions we like the most.
  • Ask us about the book we’re promoting, we want to shout about our new books from the rooftops and we don’t get sick of being asked to tell people about it.
  • Stalk us before you interview us. If you check out our websites and Facebook pages and read the “about the author” section in our books, you’ll discover lots of personal things about us and then your interview can include less generic questions. A great example is that a blogger found out I loved to knit so one of her questions was “what’s the nicest thing you’ve knitted?” and I was able to share a gorgeous photo of a knitted bunny I made for my daughter. The same blogger also asked “what was your most interesting flight experience?” (because my novel is called “Love at First Flight”) and that gave me the opportunity to share a hilarious real life story. Finding out about authors and tailoring your questions to suit us will give you an interview with an edge. If you stick to generic questions, we’ll just copy and paste our answers from the other interviews we’ve done and you won’t get “a scoop”.
  • Ask us about our journey to publication. Everyone’s journey is different and these stories are great inspiration for authors out there who need it. The “I did it so you can too” feel good story has great appeal!
  • Give us a couple of weeks to get back to you. Get in early with your interviews. Most of us have day jobs and lots of us are parents too so between that and our writing, there isn’t much time for interviews (as much as we need and love the exposure from them!) so please give us a bit of time to get our answers back to you.
  • Send us the link and the date that the interview will be live on your site and then remind us again once it is live because then we’ll promote it from our platforms and hopefully you’ll get lots more hits on your pages when our followers come to check out the interview!
  • Keep the interviews relatively short, ten questions should be about the limit.
  • Ask us about our favourite things. Questions like “name your favourite food, movie, holiday destination”. These questions give us something in common with our readers and make us more relatable as people. It also gives a little glimpse into our lives without being too confronting.
  • Ask us who we would cast in the movie versions of our books. We all dream of movie adaptations of our stories (those who say they have never thought of this are telling bigger lies than Pinocchio) and this is a fun question that will help readers instantly relate to our stories when they can picture the movie stars in the leading roles.
  • Ask about what we are working on now. Most authors promoting one book have already started or about to start working on a second project and we are grateful for the opportunity to promote our latest work.


  • Ask us how much money we’ve made or how many copies we’ve sold. We really, really hate that question. It is something ALL authors hate being asked plus it’s just plain rude. You wouldn’t ask any other professional how much they earn and authors are no different.
  • Ask an eBook author if they would like a print deal because the answer was and always will be YES! Every single author dreams of holding their own book in their hands but it can sometimes be a very touchy subject so it’s best to avoid it.
  • Ask any author whether they prefer eBooks or print books because it puts us in an awkward position. If a print author reads all her books on a Kindle, her publisher will be none too pleased to hear her say so and the same goes with an eBook author saying how much she loves print books.
  • Ask a self-published author if they would like to be traditionally published. This is insults the hard work and professionalism of Indie authors. A way around this could be to ask for pros and cons about self-publishing which would give your readers a great insight without offending the author who has worked so hard to publish her book.
  • Ask authors to name their favourite author or their favourite book. We don’t want to name one and risk offending others. A better way to ask might be, “are there any authors or books that influenced or inspired you?” and leave the question open for several authors who inspired us to be named. Asking “who is your favourite author?” or “what is your favourite book?” can be almost impossible for us to answer.
  • Ask questions that are too personal. We may want to keep our private and public lives separate so asking about relationships and children in an obtrusive way isn’t a great idea.

I hope these tips help you to get the most out of interviewing authors and from all of us to all of you I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to you wonderful people for helping us gain fans and sell books!

tess woodsAbout Tess Woods

Tess Woods is a health professional who lives in Perth, Australia with one husband, two children, one dog and one cat who rules over all of them. Love at First Flight is her first novel for HarperCollins. When she isn’t working or being a personal assistant to her kids, Tess enjoys reading and all kinds of grannyish pleasures like knitting, baking, drinking tea, watching Downton Abbey and tending to the veggie patch.

Find out more about Tess at her website and connect with her on Facebook and  Goodreads.

25058078About Love at First Flight

Looking back on it now, I can see it was instant. The second we locked eyes. Boom. Just like that. The me I had spent a lifetime perfecting began its disintegration from that moment. And despite the carnage it brought to all our lives, I still don’t regret it.

What would you risk to be with the love of your life? And what if your soul mate is the one who will destroy you?

Mel is living the dream. She’s a successful GP, married to a charming anaesthetist and raising a beautiful family in their plush home in Perth. But when she boards a flight to Melbourne, she meets Matt and her picture perfect Stepford life unravels as she falls in love for the first time ever.

What begins as a flirty conversation between strangers quickly develops into a hot and obsessive affair with disastrous consequences neither Mel nor Matt could have ever seen coming. Mel’s dream life turns into her worst nightmare.

Love at First Flight will take everything you believe about what true love is and spin it on its head.

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  1. Thank you so much for having me! If anybody has any questions for me, please feel free to ask and I also hope to connect with you on my Facebook pagd or on my website in the links provided above 🙂


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