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Review: The Poet’s Wife by Rebecca Stonehill


About The Poet’s Wife

An unforgettable journey into the heart of one family torn apart by war.

Granada, 1920. Free-spirited Luisa and young poet Eduardo fall in love, cementing a bond that can never be broken.

Behind the jasmine filled courtyard, perched amongst houses like clouds on a hilltop, stands a beautiful villa; Carmen de las Estrellas. Beneath its walls live Eduardo and Luisa with their thriving family, but war is looming, casting its shadow over the household.

When Civil War finally breaks out, Luisa and Eduardo must fiercely protect those dear to them. Yet these are turbulent times, and as each of their children begin to make their way in the world, the solace of home cannot shield them from the horrors of war.

My Review

Stonehill does a fabulous job with educating the reader on the Spanish Civil War as the build up, the actual conflict and the aftermath is painfully depicted. Brilliantly detailed including the history, notable figureheads, political strife, brutalities, unimaginable poverty suffered by those surviving the discord.

The intimacy Stonehill created with the Luisa, Isabel and Paloma is compelling. Their fierceness to keep the family unit intact, strength to survive matched with hardships well sketched. The narrative never loses momentum as war approaches and the family faces imminent separation their fears and concern obvious. The anguish and conflict touches the peruser, you feel as if you’re by this family’s side as the story unfolds. A sweeping story of one family’s progression along with that of their country’s. The three generational perspectives gives the reader insight into the sentiment and times people faced.

I will say I connected with Luisa and Isabel more than Paloma. I felt Paloma’s presence wasn’t as strong, she felt more like an afterthought, a token insertion, not nearly as powerful and affecting as Luisa and Isabel. Paloma’s era was more liberal, less restrictive as that of her predecessors, however, all three women made an impact enduring challenging times.

Stonehill definitely impressed this reader, very well done enterprising success.

About Rebecca Stonehill8418573

Rebecca Stonehill, author of The Poet’s Wife and creative writing teacher.
I’m from London but currently live in Nairobi with my husband and three children where I teach creative writing to school children. Many years ago, I spent eighteen months living in Granada, completely falling in love with it and being inspired to write The Poet’s Wife. I have also had many short stories published, including in Vintage Script, What The Dickens magazine and Ariadne’s Thread.

The Poet’s Wife is my debut novel and I am currently working on my second book, set in Kenya.


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  1. Looks like an interesting book!

    • First book I have read truly bringing Spanish War to the forefront, usually it’s in passing but this book does a full on examination a la family saga. Very well done. Thank you for stopping by and commenting, much appreciated.

  2. I love her hair. I wish I knew how to do that.


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