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Excerpt & Giveaway: Zenobia – Challenging a Legend (Zenobia Book Series, Book Two) by Russ Wallace

02_Zenobia Challenging a Legend

Zenobia – Challenging a Legend (Zenobia Book Series, Book Two) by Russ Wallace

Publication Date: November 14, 2015
Geode Press LLC
Hardcover; 512 Pages
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After winning the famous Alexandria horse race, Zenobia, a young Syrian warrior and an aspiring scholar, assumes her life will return to normal. Wrong! A tumultuous romance develops with her instructor, widely considered the most brilliant academic on earth.

Unknown to her, an enemy plans to kidnap Zenobia for his harem. The hired mercenaries never suspect their intended victim is a deadly warrior. The attack is thwarted, but the Syrians are alerted to a slave trade in young girls.

Meanwhile, a Nubian princess has been captured by the slavers. She struggles to survive in the dangerous situation while she seeks a way to escape. Can she succeed?

Zenobia’s impetuous nature continues to impel her to take unwise risks, both in class and on a hunting trip. When a second kidnap attempt on her fails, the last attacker escapes. She decides to run him down to save her family. Thus begins an epic chase on horseback across the desert in the dead of night. It culminates in a shocking revelation that threatens her very future.

Circumstances now force Zenobia into roles for which she is untrained. As she meets the challenges, she begins to unleash her strategic genius, which will one day raise her to the pinnacle of her world.

“Book two in the Zenobia book series has it all …the book is full of adventure with kidnappings, hunting, fighting, revenge, chases, escapes, and piracy. Zenobia learns a heart breaking truth about love and this will mold her into the women she is destine to become. This was an ARC…You’ll want to put this book on your TBR list.” – Julie Martin Wallace

Excerpt 1

Chapter 23

When they were finally alone, Longinus exclaimed, “Zenobia!” His face was stern. “What in creation were you thinking?”

She just smiled at him sweetly and cocked her head. “I wondered how much you cared about me. Now I know.”

Excerpt 2

Chapter 43

Jasmine was amazed. “I have heard a legend that you were born to rule. I can see that. I can believe that. What exactly do you want?”

Zenobia thought back to the words of Saladir nine months earlier, A legend has power. He had proved to be a valuable and wise ally.

03_Russ WallaceAbout the Author

Russ Wallace is an avid student of history and religion. Zenobia, one of the deadliest and most fascinating women of history, comes to life in his series about her. Russ is working on future releases in the Zenobia book series.


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  1. Thanks for sharing the excerpts from Zenobia – Challenging a Legend. We think others will love learning about Zenobia, a 3rd century Warrior Queen.


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