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Snowed In? So Read Giveaway Hop


BIG thank you to Val from Stuck In Books for hosting

Welcome to Snowed In? So Read Giveaway Hop. The theme of this hop is books that are good to be snowed in with.


Giveaway #1 One lucky winner will receive a $25 Amazon GC (US dollars only). Open Internationally

Giveaway #2 Three lucky winners will receive their choice of a S.R. Mallery book in the form of Amazon gift. Open to US only.
See all of S.R. Mallery’s books below.

unexpected_gifts_medPRAISE FOR UNEXPECTED GIFTS:

•“The author has a remarkable gift. The amazing ability not only to bring rich, historical events to life, but also the ability to perfectly blend different generations…”

•“It simply is one of the best books I’ve ever read. I wish I could give it six stars!”

•“I have never read a book that wasn’t a textbook that was able to successfully cover so many time frames in such little space, with the accuracy you really would expect from reading the journals of those who had actually lived in those times.”

•“Colorful writing, recreation of periods that prove adept challenges for any films about the influences of the past being made, and all of this is written with such style that it often times is dazzling…”

•“If only my history teacher would have taught history like Mallery has, enriching it with living, feeling people that the reader can equate to, I would have been a better student.”

•“Beautifully and sensitively written, anyone who loves a good story interwoven with actual historical events will enjoy this very special novel.”

•“… she blends the past and the present with a seamless texture that only a “true” storyteller can manage.”

• “This is a book you can keep on your shelf to read over and over…”



•”S. R. Mallery is quite simply a master story-teller.”

•”This is a box of bon-bons, every story an eye-opening surprise. Eat one and you’ll want to devour the whole box.”

• “An exquisitely crafted, impressive portrayal of life’s journey!”

•“Women, sewing, history, and storytelling. A quilt of wonderful stories.”

•“Rich and beautiful stories that will captivate you.”

•“These stories will stay with you long after you’ve finished the book…”

•”I was amazed by the variety of stories that took place in various locations, and at different historical times.”


•“…An absolute standout short story collection!”

•“I found myself entranced as I furiously read each story with anticipation and excitement!”

•“…I stand in awe of her ability to cobble something riveting out of so few words!”

•“The stories are compact masterpieces that make you want to read more…”

•“Ms. Mallery’s imagination will grip your emotions and twist them. Superb writing.”

•“Great surprises and turns make many stories unforgettable. Just excellent!”



• “At times rollicking, at times poignant, but always authentic, well- researched and a beautifully told story.”

•“A compelling read, perfect amount of romance, with a wonderful ending.  With Mallery’s warm writing style, you will be immersed in cast, time, and place.”

•“S.R. Mallery’s words thunder off the page like a cattle stampede… her sharply written characters demonstrate that truly it was WOMEN who tamed the American West.”

•“It’s a rip-roaring, nail-biting, heart-throbbing ride…my Stetson is off to S.R. Mallery, five stars all the way.”

•”What a marvellous story… A well-researched book of historical value for this reader–entertaining and very warmly written. Highly recommended.”

•“Mallery has done it again. THE DOLAN GIRLS leads you on a trip that is sometimes painful and sometimes loving. You are taken from innocence to womanhood. From love to heartbreak… Definitely 5-stars!”

•“S. R. Mallery gives us a colourful view of America’s wild west of the 1800’s… The characters are endearing and the action is fast paced  … Looking forward to more from this talented writer.”

•“If you’re a fan of the old west, strong women, and enjoy a great read, this book is for you. Recommend highly!”

•“The Dolan Girls is simply a wonderful book. It brings the West alive in a way that is not only historically interesting, but one can’t help but become fascinated with how the story is going to play out.”

•”S.R. Mallery knows how to write historical fiction in a way that hooks the reader…”

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About S.R. Malleryimage

Let’s face it. S. R. Mallery is as eclectic as her characters. Starting out as a classical/pop singer/composer, she next explored the fast-paced world of advertising as a production artist while she simultaneously dipped her toe into the Zen biosphere as a calligrapher. Having started a family and wanting to work from the home, she moved on to having a long career as an award-winning quilt artist and an ESL/Reading instructor before settling on her true love––writing.

Although her taste in reading is wide-ranging, she tends to write mostly historical fiction, where she can not only weave her characters into historical times and events, she gets to perform her second love: Research. Her short stories have been published in descant 2008, Snowy Egret, Transcendent Visions, The Storyteller, and Down In the Dirt.

Connect with S.R. Mallery: Website | Amazon | Audible
Pinterest | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads


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