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Spotlight & Giveaway for A Sworn Virgin: Broken Promises by Kristopher Dukes


About A Sworn Virgin

WHEN 18-YEAR-OLD DIANA’S FATHER IS SHOT DEAD on the cobblestone streets of 1910 Eastern European Albania, Diana must abandon her dream of studying art in Italy as she struggles to survive in a remote mountain village with her stepmother Mirlinda.

Nearing starvation, Mirlinda secretly sells Diana into marriage with the cruel heir of a powerful clan. Rather than lose her freedom, Diana swears to remain a virgin for the rest of her life, a tradition that gives her the right to live as a man: she is now head of her household, can work for a living and carry a gun. She may participate in the vengeful blood feuds that consume the mountain tribes, but she may not be killed — unless she forsakes her vow.

When an injured stranger stumbles into her life, Diana nurses him back to health, saving his life — but risking her own when she falls in love with him . . .


Praise for A Sworn Virgin

“When many think of stories involving blood debts, endless family feuding, and revenge,they often envision a strong male protagonist at the center of it all who eventually comes outas victorious by the end of the tale. But in Kristopher Dukes’ novel, A Sworn Virgin: Broken Promises, the game is changed when a woman, leading not only as the main character in the story, but in her life as well, is forced into facing (and surviving) this type of world on her own. . . A Sworn Virgin: Broken Promises is a must-read for lovers of historical fiction, unexpected plot twists, and relatable female heroines. ”
– Apex Reviews

“A vivid portrait of a dynamic woman who, yearning for freedom, makes a devil’s bargain in giving up her sexuality to gain a level of personhood she is denied merely because she is a woman.”
– New York Times bestselling author Cathryn Michon

“Dukes has chosen an engaging setting for this novel, with its mix of medieval and modern elements, and fleshes it out with vivid details . . . A compelling story of a woman’s trauma and strength.”
– Kirkus Reviews

About Kristopher Dukesman31-11

Kristopher Dukes was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She has been a nationally published writer since high school and her work has appeared in bestselling book series “Written in the Dirt.” “A Sworn Virgin: Broken Promises” is her debut novel. She lives in Manhattan Beach, California with her husband Matt and pitbull Lucius.

Connect with Kristopher:  Facebook | Amazon


One Amazon eGift digital copy of A Sworn Virgin. Open Internationally. Ends 4/20/16.

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